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obii.mobi deeply believes great design is not just about how things look but rather how well they function. Applying any kind of design is always a purpose-driven process. It is about understanding you – your story, your company & brand, your people & culture, your products, your offerings and services and most of all your customers.

We design and innovate to enhance experiences, we create engaging communication – websites, mobile apps, user interfaces, brochures, we create design systems and style guides… we align brands in different mediums…


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Due to the unwillingness of our (former) landlord to even talk about potential rent reduction during the COVID-19 times, we sadly had to close our shared office space. After eight years and some $400,000 spent in rent, we didn’t receive a single ‘Thank you’, neither from the landlord or the real estate agency.
However, we’re pretty confident we will reboot again later in 2023.

For the time being, let’s arrange physical meetings somewhere with a great coffee barista around…