Selected projects

A new digital home for attaché’s offerings

Attaché Software provides payroll and accounting software for medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

attache website

We created a whole new VISUAL IDENTITY

Starting at a general look’n’feel that reflects both Attaché’s business objectives as well as their brand, we designed graphical styles and elements that can be used throughout all online communication, including web and email marketing. By specifying colours, fonts and spaces as well as templating ‘content-blocks’ – page banners, CTA, promotional tiles, cards, callouts and so on – we created a flexible system that allows a consistent layout and flow of content.

attache website
attache website


We assisted our friends from “The National Grid” and their client, health and fitness guru ‘Kim Beach‘, to create an iPhone app. The app is designed to give you all the tools you need to live a fit, healthy and happy life plus tick off all of your goals along the way (including exercise plans, recipes meal planner and and and…

Kim Beach mobile app

The construction ‘beast’

Together with Fallon Dasey we created Westrac’s marketing campaign for the Cat 6015B, a 140-tonnes construction beast.


Our work included:

Landing page, EDM, banners, White Paper and Customer Story brochure


Core Web

Core Web’s platform provides a complete suite of online business tools for real estate agencies to manage all aspects of their business.

Working together with the Core Web team over the last eight years and bringing numerous real estate websites to blossom, it was time to re-design Core Web’s platform itself. Simplifying and unifying usability as well as refreshing the user-interface across all online tools will result in an enhanced customer experience and guarantee that real estate agents always stay on top of their game.

Work also included the development of their visual identity, including their logo, as well as creating a new website.

obiimobi-coreweb-cms application
obiimobi-coreweb-cms application

Link Group

Annual Report

Together with our friends from Fallon Dasey (one of the best word smiths in town) we created Link Group’s Annual Report for FY2107.

Link group Annual report
Link group Annual report


Brand alignment and responsive website

Greencliff is a Sydney-based property agency which specialises in inner city residential sales, rentals and property management services for some of Sydney’s most desired real estate. We’re asked to re-create Greencliff’s brand identity. Work included the design of a new responsive website as well as general style guides for their brand touchpoints.


Richardson & Wrench

One brand. 98 franchisees. Hundreds of agents, thousands of customers. We gave Richardson & Wrench a new online coat (websites, emails, intranet).

Backend development by our our long time partner COREWEB who provide complete online business solutions for real estate agents and agencies.

Richardson and Wrench website
Richardson and Wrench website

Client testimonial

The consult and design work for our current corporate real estate website was created by Ulf Schroeter of

This was a huge undertaking as a main site had to be developed and followed up by a second design that accommodated our individual franchise offices stand-alone website  requirements.

There is such a great deal of content that goes into a property website as well as careful consideration given to the end user functionalities throughout.

Ulf was fantastic in flushing all of these elements out from initial brief to end design. He took our brief and developed a market leading property website which has received rave reviews from our franchisee’s and customers. Ulf has a modern approach, creating new and interesting icons, navigation tools and an overall visually exciting website.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result and will continue to use Ulf for future projects without hesitation.

Amanda Ward, Group Development Manager, Richardson & Wrench


Words are powerful things. The right combination can do just about anything: win a heart, inspire trust, right a wrong or build a relationship. When you present great words in a visual format that considers the reader, connects with them and engages them, you have a very powerful tool indeed.

Writing & Design is a collaboration between creative professionals with a passion for clear, effective communication.

Together, Daniel Dasey and produce truly beautiful editorial products that engage and inform readers, create enduring relationships, and that allow companies to build strong brands.

logo writing and design

Apart from welcoming a new member and service to the “ family” we created a whole new brand identity for writing & design. Work included designs for several different touch points such as logo, business cards, website and brochures as well as branding guidelines.

obiimobi-writing-and-design visual identity branding
obiimobi-writing-and-design visual identity branding


CAF – Australia

We gave CAF and it’s product GOOD2GIVE a new digital home by lifting their digital brand identity to the next level. Work included responsive website, eBooks, advertising, promotional and marketing concepts and materials as well as email designs.



KJR offers services for quality assurance and risk mitigation for IT projects.

We worked together with KJR to create a new visual language for their communications. The aim was to come up with a design identity that is in line with their brand  and their high quality services but at the same time have an ‘organic’ digital  appearance.

Work includes reports, charts and information graphics.

obiimobi KJR information memorandum
obiimobi KJR information memorandum


PocketShrink™ is a series of iPhone apps for finding out if you are facing a mental health concern or if you have concerns regarding someone you know

– Depression Test

– Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Test

– Borderline Personality Disorder BPD Test

– Anorexia Bulimia Binge Eating Test

– Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test

– Panic Attacks and Disorder Test

– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Test

– Antisocial Personality Disorder Test ASPD

– Internet Addiction IAD Test

– Specific Phobia Test

We sold over 7,000 PocketShrink apps so far…


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Elements – an online communication system for internal and external use

Digital brand development – Brand | Web | eNewsletter

elements logo NSW Parks


iPad app

Handling thousands of constantly updated documents for Savills’ B2B and B2C operations as well as pulling news from different sources for their customer facing communication. Apart from a comprehensive search engine, including location based document tagging, we also built in single-sign-on as well as access right management into the app.

Client testimonial have provided our business with a cutting edge App that goes above and beyond what we first envisaged.

The team was a pleasure to work with and quickly worked to understand our business requirements and translate this into technology that supports our business and improves our suite of brand tools.

It was a pleasure to work with Marcus & Ulf who are dedicated to providing great solutions and working with their clients in a collaborative manner. We look forward to our next project together.

Savills Australia

obiimobi-savills app iPad
obiimobi-savills app iPad


An iPad app for surgeons 

obiimobi-medtronic app
obiimobi-medtronic app

Sounds of Life

Celebrating Cochlear’s 30-year anniversary

The client’s testimonial says it all… were the architects and the executors of Cochlear’s 30 year anniversary mobile campaign: “Sounds of Life”. We approached the agency with an open brief to look at ways to put the concept of hearing loss and hearing discovery into the palms of the consumer. Ulf and his team came up with the concept and utilised their experience in creating innovative mobile apps to develop the application within our time frame. We are very happy with the end result – and although the idea was well received, we also felt comfortable working with a vendor who draw upon experience to build innovation in the mobile arena.

Bobby Mohan, APAC Digital and eCommerce Manager, Cochlear Australia

obiimobi-cochlear birthday campaign
obiimobi-cochlear birthday campaign

Woolworths Australia


ALL YOURS is Woolworths intranet used by their staff and suppliers. After we created the user-interface design for the desktop version a few years ago we now were asked to come up with the mobile version. Our responsibility was to consult with  concept development as well as creating UX and UI.

Backend development by Noggin


CARITAS Australia

Project Compassion

Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world’s poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.
Over the last few years we helped Caritas to promote their Project Compassion; which is mainly addressed to school students and etchers.
Work includes concepts, designs, illustrations and build of the micro-sites as well as brochures and branding materials.

Client testimonial

Thank you so much for all your creative work on these projects. As I’ve said many times before, we have really enjoyed working with you and your great team. It’s always been a fun, collaborative experience so hopefully we can continue to work on more projects together in the future.

CARITAS Australia

flabiana caritas australia