Brand Story, Visual Identity &
User Interface Designs

Non-compliant staff put your business at risk. Don’t take the chance. iComply’s easy-to-use platform and app help you to understand your workforce’s compliance at a glance, empowering you to achieve full compliance.

iComply online

First things first

Understanding story telling

Creating a brand story and visual identity is crucial for any business or organisation that wants to establish a strong presence in the market. The brand story tells of the brand’s origin, purpose, and mission, and it helps to humanise the brand, making it more relatable & tangible to the audience. By developing a story that resonates with the target audience, the brand can differentiate itself from its competitors and build a loyal following.

The visual identity, including the logo, colour scheme(s), and other design elements, creates a consistent and recognisable brand image that helps the audience identify the brand and connect with its narrative, across all communication channels. Our well-designed visual identity will also help to establish trust and credibility with customers, which is crucial for building long-term relationships.


The Client

Get to know the client – their story, their company & brand, their people & culture, their products, their offerings and services, and most of all their customers. In order to do so, we went through a brand discovery phase – conducted interviews, ran workshops, defined brand values & tone of voice, and discovered the why, what, who & how of iComply.

The easy, effective way to manage compliance

Design Systems

A consistent and cohesive visual language

The design system we created is based on a set of guidelines that outline specific design elements such as colour palettes, typography, spacing, and imagery, ensuring consistency across all platforms as well as helping convey iComply’s personality and values.

In this particular case, the design system not only applies to iComply’s traditional communication materials such as websites, marketing collateral, and stationary, but also to all web and mobile applications that are built using a Tailwind framework. This approach ensures all user interfaces are visually consistent, easy to use and adhere to the brand’s overall design language.

Although consistency and coherence may appear similar, they are fundamentally distinct: consistency focuses on unifying elements within a system by making them uniform, while coherence emphasises clarity in communication and understanding.

Primary, Secondary Colours & Application Colours

Dynamic Typography

The easiest way to stay compliant with your business

The easiest way to stay compliant with your business

The easiest way to stay compliant with your business

The easiest way to stay compliant with your business

The easiest way to stay compliant with your business
The easiest way to stay compliant with your business

When writing titles/headers we can use a mix of the ‘thin’ font-weight and the ‘medium’ font-weight where the latter emphasises the message.

Dynamic Typography


Testimonial style. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog is an English-language pangram. iComply helped us to cut down our onboarding time by 50%.

Ulf Schroeter, Creative Head of obii.mobi

Other Brand Applications

The Logo

A logo is a critical component of a visual identity and one of the most recognisable aspects of a brand. The starting point for this logo development was to look at iComply’s brand values and find a visual cue that represents a gesture of ‘providing’, ‘help’, and ‘offering’.

As we often do, we started with a circle. A circle is a fundamental and versatile shape in design that can convey various meanings, such as unity, infinity, and completeness. Overall, the circle’s harmonies in design can help to create a visual experience that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, and memorable.

A starting point


The Final Logo Including Brandmark and Logotype

Being Part of the Family

Fitting into the Brand Architecture

iComply is a subsidiary/division of a larger organisation. We have taken a strategic approach to branding by ensuring that the design principles of its logo can be applied across all of its subsidiaries or divisions. This will help to build brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among customers or clients, who may be more likely to engage with other companies under the same umbrella organisation as a result.

Logos for other subsidiaries

Logo icons used for applications

Across Channels

Some examples of appearance

iComply Mobile Look'n'feel
iComply - Apple Watch App E_ID
iDeliver Shipping Bag
iComply Outdoor Ads
iComply Stationery
iComply Uniform


Some examples


What we created

  • Brand Story

  • Visual Identity
  • User Interface Design for various apps (mobile and desktop)
  • UX for various apps (mobile and desktop)

  • Style Guides
  • Design Systems
  • Brand Applications, for example Logos, Illustrations, Image Library & Icons
  • Artwork for Marketing Materials such as Stationery, Forms, and Business Cards

  • Website (Strategy, Design and Build)