LinkGroup: Annual & Sustainability Reports

Together with our friends from Fallon Dasey (one of the best wordsmiths in town) we created Link Group’s Annual and Sustainability reports.

And this is how it went (in a nutshell)…

Link group Annual report

From here…

The brief
Create an annual & sustainability report for print & digital distribution
LinkGroup logo

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Get to know the client
Their company +
Their brand +
Their people & culture +
Their products & Services +
Their Customers

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Scripting & conducting interviews with the chair, CEO, CFO, CTO, board members and other key stakeholders
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Content gathering & creation
Visual concepts & page layouts +
Content writing & editing +
Infographics & photography

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Leading to Final proofs & Designs
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Release to market
Annual report print version +
Annual report digital version +
Sustainability report digital version
Link group Annual report
Link group Annual report
Link group Sustainability report

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