LinkGroup: Annual & Sustainability Reports

Together with our friends from Fallon Dasey (one of the best wordsmiths in town), we created Link Group’s Annual and Sustainability reports…

… and this is how it went (in a nutshell).

Link group Annual report

From here…

The brief
Create an annual & sustainability report for print & digital
LinkGroup logo

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Get to know the client
Their company +
Their brand +
their people & culture +
Their products & Services +
Their Customers

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scripting & conducting Interviews
with the chair, CEO, CFO, CTO, board members and other key stakeholders
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Content gathering & creation
visual concepts & page layouts +
content writing & editing +
infographics & photography

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Leading to Final proofs & Designs
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Release to market
Annual report print version +
Annual report digital version +
Sustainability report digital version
Link group Annual report
Link group Annual report
Link group Sustainability report

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