Novel Health

Visual Identity & brand alignment

Novel Health – your home of personalised health solutions, delivered differently. Combining the very best of novel and traditional therapies, our network of specialists provides premium quality healthcare with one objective:

To refresh and help improve your quality of life because it matters how you feel

First things first

Understanding the client

Creating a visual identity is a thrilling challenge that requires a deep understanding of the brand’s values, mission, business objectives, and target audience.

Knowing the market: researching Novel Health’s competitors led to identifying unique opportunities for visual differentiation.


nov·el | ˈnä-vəl

of a new and unusual kind; different from anything seen or known before


noun | helθ

the state of being free from illness or injury

Design Systems

A consistent and cohesive visual language

The design system we created is based on a set of guidelines that outline specific design elements such as colour palettes, typography, spacing, and imagery, ensuring consistency across all platforms as well as helping to convey Novel Health’s personality and values.

Dynamic Typography

A fresh start to your healthcare

A fresh start to your healthcare

A fresh start to
your healthcare

A fresh start to
your healthcare

A fresh start to
your healthcare
A fresh start to
your healthcare

When writing titles/headers we can use a mix of the ‘thin’ font-weight and the ‘medium’ font-weight where the latter emphasis on the message.

H6 should be always at least 2pt bigger than the body copy which brings it to a minimum size of 11pt for H6.

Dynamic Typography

H1 = 100%
H2 = H1 / 1.25
H3 = H2 / 1.25
H4 = H3 / 1.25
H5 = H4 / 1.25
H6 = H5 / 1.25

Primary & Secondary Colours

Other brand Applications

The Logo

A logo is a critical component of a visual identity and one of the most recognisable aspects of a brand. The starting point for this logo development was to look at the Novel Health Community consisting of: patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical & service providers. It’s about bringing people together and caring for each other.

The Community

The People within

The Resulting Final Brandmark

The Final Logo Including Brandmark and Logotype

Across Channels

Some examples of appearance

Novel Health Mobile App
Novel Health Apple Watch App
Novel Health Healthcare Card
Novel Health Outdoor Ads
Novel Health Stationery
Novel Health Outdoor Ads


Some examples


What we created

  • Brand Alignment

  • Visual Identity
  • Style Guides
  • Design Systems
  • Brand Applications, for example
    Logos, Illustrations, Image Library & Icons
  • Artwork for Marketing Materials such as
    Stationery, Forms, and Business Cards

  • Website (Design and Build)


What the client says

Within a tight timeframe, Ulf led the development of our visual brand identity, web presence, and marketing materials…

…Ulf, was great at providing constructive input into what would and wouldn’t work which made him an absolute pleasure to work with…

…I look forward to continuing to work with Ulf and and would certainly recommend him to prospective clients.

Managing Director at Novel Health Co