The WHO, the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW

That’s me, Ulf, the face of …

…always happy when two things come together: great functionality & beautiful design aesthetics

So, what eXcites me?
What drives me?
What stays with me?

A splendid

No matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, no matter what role I’m in, it’s always the eXperience that excites me, that drives me and stays with me. That applies no matter which hat I’m wearing – absorber, adviser, acquaintance, client, consultant, contractor, contributor, co-worker, creator, customer, designer, discoverer, driver, employee, expert, explorer, father, friend, giver, helper, husband, listener, lover, mediator, mentor, navigator, reader, son, strategist, student, taker, teacher, team leader, traveller, user, watcher, whatever!

eXperiences always shape our decisions and actions going forward. So, let’s make them splendid ones.

And, what is it that I do?
What do I contribute?

bringing projects to fruition

In a nutshell – from researching and developing an idea … to concepts and prototyping … to award-winning applications & websites … to creating intuitive user interfaces and engaging brochures … to helping brands align in different spaces and designing visual identities… to establishing design systems and style guides.

I help bring projects to fruition.

How does it work?
What’s involved?

The human first approach

This is where the M in ME turns upside down to form the W in WE. It is always a collaborative design process, all centred around us, humans, and driven by purpose.

It is about understanding you – your story, your company and brand, your people and culture, your products, your offerings and services, and most of all: your customers. That involves research, workshops, interviews, and gaining insights by observing and listening in order to understand what people value and what they care about.

Together we identify challenges and solve problems, craft splendid user experiences and visual designs, wireframe, and prototype, iterate, funnel, innovate, test and refine, and we keep always in mind: it’s not just about how things look but rather how well they function.

We go ‘live’, we launch, we deploy, we publish, and we put it where it belongs: in front of those with whom we communicate. And when it’s all done, we don’t stop but instead loop in again, monitor, measure, adjust, and refine accordingly.

If our WE needs more than just me, I know who to go to. I have an extensive network of researchers, developers, and content creators including copywriters, videographers.

So, what’s next? Well, if you made it all the way down here you might want to catch up for a coffee, tell me your story, and see if I can assist you with your next project.