Project Description

Situated in possibly one of the best streets in Fairlight, this original 2-bedroom semi was ripe for transformation. The house was completely re-designed to benefit a growing family with discerning taste, featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and new living spaces.
The design was focused on transforming this old house into a family home with an improved sense of space, light and scale in a relatively small footprint.

The client embraced the initial architectural intention of creating a contemporary extension that visually connects the old house and the new addition, linking the living spaces on ground level and providing a large area of glazing to create greater visual connections with the rear garden, maximising natural light levels.

The new upper level accommodates a common gallery space linking the 3 bedrooms, enjoying endless daylight from a large skylight above. The master bedroom, positioned to the north with new balcony, enjoys a stunning vista view across Manly Beach. Last but not least, this new family home will enjoy a new off-street parking.