We teamed up with FallonDasey, the copywriting agency in our office, to help with their client WesTrac to create a digital B2B marketing campaign. The aim was to use a customer story to promote the advantages of the CAT 6015B, a 140-tonnes construction excavator.

… and this is how it went (in a nutshell).

From here…

The brief Create a digital b2b marketing campaign involving a customer story

to here…

Get to know the client
Their company +
Their brand +
their people & culture +
Their products & Services +
Their Customers

to here…


to here…

scripting & conducting Interviews +
visual concepts

to here…

writing customer story, press release, white paper, copy for landing page & banner ads, EDM +
Designing a landing page & banner ads, whitepaper

to here…


to here…

an engaging, effective and beautifully crafted B2b campaign

A4 landscape whitepaper

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