Selected projects

Non-surgical mast cell tumor treatment for dogs

Creating a new Visual Identity that supports the shift from B2B to B2C communication

We helped Australian company ‘QBiotics‘ to launch their cancer treatment product ‘Stelfonta‘ in the US. Previously they appealed predominantly to VETs, the scientific community, and potential investors. Whereas now the focus shifted to the consumer market. Work included an entire revamp of Stelfonta’s website, style guides that can be applied to different mediums as well as developing visual concepts for campaigns that run across different social channels.

STELFONTA Fonts Stelfonta Goodbye Tumour Hello Future campaign logo
Stelfonta Goodbye Tumour Hello Future campaign logo Stelfonta Goodbye Tumour Hello Future campaign Instagram
Stelfonta Goodbye Tumour Hello Future campaign Instagram Stelfonta Goodbye Tumour Hello Future campaign Flyer
Stelfonta Goodbye Tumour Hello Future campaign Flyer

Sixty minutes of well-being a week

A solution to a happier, healthier, more resilient workforce

The whole shebang – for ‘Sixty‘ we did it all: brand, visual identity, concept, UX & UI for their online platform, mobile apps and websites, content creation and everything in between.


Friends of the Dalai Lama Australia

Together with the NoiseBirds, we had the great pleasure and honor to create a digital home for Friends of the Dalai Lama Australia.

This website, including a new logo has been created in consultation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s office in India. His Holiness sincerely appreciates the deep interest that Australian’s have with his messages of peace, wisdom and compassion. So the website connects Australians from all walks of life with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Work included visual concepts, logo and website built


Settlement Services International (SSI)
Annual Report

We assisted our friends from Fallon Dasey and their client SSI with creating the SSI 2020 Annual Report which was also the first ‘integrated report’ produced by SSI.

Source Legal, Not your average legal firm

VISUAL IDENTITY and new website

Looking for a smarter way to source professional expertise for your business? Source Legal can help. They provide on-tap Legal, HR and CFO services to businesses of all sizes, via agreed-price monthly retainers.

That new unconventional business model needed to be reflected in Source’s new visual identity, especially their new website which we created too.

…thank you very, very much for all your amazing work on this project. I’ve worked with quite a few website developers over the years. You are by far the best! It was always a pleasure working with you. Your creativity, responsiveness and collaboration have made this project easy and fun, and of course with a fantastic result. Very much looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Julie Carlill, Communications & Marketing Director

Settlement Services International (SSI)

Arts & Culture

We assisted our friends from Fallon Dasey and their client SSI with creating a couple of brochures and reports.

The SSI Arts & Culture brochure. This 36-page brochure looks at the achievements of SSI’s Arts & Culture program, with a view to raising funds.

The SSI ARTIST VOICES report which examines how artists and cultural practitioners associated with the SSI Arts & Culture program were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Sandvik Beyond Benefits
employee brochure

For our friends from Fallon Dasey and their client Sandvik we created a 20-page Sandvik Beyond Benefits employee brochure.


Help children thrive

The Australian Childhood Trauma Group (The ACT Group)


The ACT Group provides flexible, responsive and comprehensive therapeutic support for infants, children and young adults who have experiences of trauma.

In conjunction with RevenueBuilder and Studio Marshall we created The ACT Group’s new website. Our work included new visual identity for the site, content creation, website built and integration of third party business tools such as marketing platform ActiveCampaign and communications platform Twilio.


We helped to take the crown

YouChoose won the Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) 2016 awards for both – “Best consumer friendly product or system” and “Overall winner



Care you can trust.

Together withBeYouNotThem and their client BaptistCare Australia we created YouChoose. YouChoose is an online tool which allows customers to completely tailor their individual care plans.

Our responsibility was to consult with developing a mobile-first-tablet-first concept, followed by providing a great User Experience and creating a unique User Interface Design. baptistcare youchoose

Building Designers Association of Australia

We gave the BDA Australia and their over 2,100 members a new digital home.

Have a look and let us know what you think

Link group Sustainability report

Sustainability Report

Link Group

Together with our word-smith friends from Fallon Dasey we created Link Group’s Sustainability Report

Link group Sustainability report

A design experiment for an iPhone calendar app. Around the Clock. Literally. Change the way you view your calendar.

We took a completely new approach to calendar design. No squares. No rectangles. No seams. It’s fluid. It’s smooth. It’s fun. It’s an entirely new way to view your day.

metoday app
obiimobi-netoday app

Virtual Containers

As part of a bigger project we had to explain and visualise on a high level how containers (aka grouping) works.


If you drop us a Hello we will send you the entire presentation :).



Kondrian is a fast paced top-down action game for the iOS platform. The aim is to defeat the trans-dimensional energy thief Lord Kondrian.


We teamed up with JMS apps to create Kondrian. Our responsibility was to bring the game alive by designing all visual aspects of the game: interaction designs, controllers, characters and worlds.

kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design
Kondrian game design

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